The Archetypes

You may know your relationship has issues, but did you know that common patterns and unconscious tendencies are the leading cause of love life blues? Fear not! Once we figure out what’s not working we can design a custom fix just for you! Without further a due let me introduce The Archetypes…

Read on to figure out how your relationship stacks up.

recognize your relationship?Of course, not every relationship can be summed up in these profiles, but over the course of study and experience these are the typical archetypes that many relationships fall into. Read on to discover examples of relationship dynamics that spell trouble, And the ones that lead to satisfying, loving relationships that can last a life time.

Let’s get started! Click on the titles below to discover each archetype:

The Roommates Relationship
The Picture Perfect Relationship
The Fixer-Upper Relationship
The Iron Fist Relationship
The Imitation Relationship
The Green-Eyed Monster Relationship
The Happy Campers Relationship

Ok ladies… Which relationship archetype do you identify with? Are you ready for a Happy Campers Relationship?

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