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Signs of a Breakup: 8 Telltale Signs You and Your Guy Are Headed For Splitsville

As a relationship coach specializing in making up and breaking up, women constantly come to me for answers about the health and stability of their relationship. Especially if they’re going through a rough patch with their guy, they want to know: Do we have what it takes to last forever, or are we headed for a breakup?

Luckily, in all of my experience helping tons of women answer that very question, I’ve come up with a list of telltale signs of an impending breakup that you can use to determine if your relationship is headed for splitsville:

Sign #1

You’re both avoiding your relationship problems, hoping they’ll go away on their own.

Sign #2

You’re the only one trying to work on the relationship, while he consistently refuses to engage or acknowledge that there’s a problem.

Sign #3

You really want marriage or children, but he doesn’t and refuses to compromise or even engage in a conversation about the topic.

Sign #4

He has cheated and the two of you are in couple’s therapy, but he’s still being unfaithful.

Sign #5

He’s addicted to drugs or alcohol and is not interested in seeking help.

Sign #6

He refuses to compromise, grow, and meet your needs no matter how many conversations you have about it. For example, you’re constantly asking for more affection, and he constantly refuses to give it to you.

Sign #7

You’re deeply uncomfortable with his relationship with his exes or other women, but he refuses to shift those relationships to make you comfortable.

Sign #8

He keeps putting you down, rejecting you, and refusing to make amends during or after an argument.

If one or more of those signs are present in your relationship, it’s important to seek help. Don’t assume that all is lost, but be honest with yourself about the nature of your issues. The above signs require professional assistance if you want to save your relationship, so don’t try to fix these problems on your own.

All my best,
Heather Baker

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