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Daydreaming About Divorce: Harmless Habit or Warning Sign of Divorce?


Daydreaming about divorce isn’t something many women will openly admit to, but it’s something that happens nonetheless. And whether your particular fantasy is a daydream about starting over on your own or running away with another man who you can’t stop thinking about, you need to know that these daydreams are not as harmless as you think. In fact, if you’re not careful, these fantasies about divorce can very quickly send you down a slippery slope toward actual divorce.

How? Well, let’s say your daydreams about running away with your sexy neighbor are causing you to treat your man poorly because you’re convinced you can do better. Or your fantasy about starting over on your own in a new city is causing you to stop trying so hard to save your marriage. In both of these cases your daydreams aren’t harmless fantasies. They’re causing very real, very tangible damage to your relationship.

If you want your marriage to work, you have to put an end to these fantasies once and for all. Here are three ways you can stop the daydreams organically and without much effort, simply by learning how to be grateful for the life and man you already have:

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