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I’m Heather Baker, the founder of Make Up Or Break Up. I help savvy, successful women fix what’s broken in their love lives and bring intimacy, love and laughter back into their relationships.

If through the course of coaching you decide you no longer want to save your relationship, I’ll hold your hand through every step of the break up process – including ending the relationship gracefully, healing your heart, and finding your perfect match.

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The Wake Up Call

The Happily Ever After Index

Discover the unconscious patterns and default habits that are rotting your relationship from the inside out, and create a plan to wake up, make changes and transform your love life for good.


21 Ways You’re Unknowingly Driving Your Man Away – And How to Stop!

21 Ways You’re Unknowingly Driving Your Man Away – And How to Stop!

Join me for a 21-day challenge to break up with the kneejerk reactions and habits that are driving your man away, and create more love, affection and intimacy in your relationship.


Live Events

Relationship Skills For Savvy Women Live Events

Attend our live monthly events for the latest and hottest tools to stop fighting with your man, and finally get your relationship on the calm and steady path toward happily ever after. During these events, you’ll get the skills you need to navigate ANY problem – from cheating, to sex, to…


Exclusive Private Coaching

Exclusive Private Coaching

Customized programs that will permanently transform your relationship into the effortless, calm and happy partnership you’ve always dreamed of.


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